Our Passion

To form a strong B2B marketing and sales network that facilities the market demands of international territories.

Our Core Values

We believe in INTEGRITY, DILIGENCE, CLARITY, and RESPONSIVENESS, and as such we work with our associates and clients in the following ways:

·       We are truthful and non-harmful in our conduct

·       We carefully and thoroughly consider our actions prior to execution

·       We communicate clearly and fully with all parties involved

·       We are alert and responsive to the needs of our associates and clients

What is BOW?

BOW is an effective manufacturers’ representative agency that focuses on achieving positive results in the following areas:

1.      Providing a point of contact for reputable manufacturers with interests in exporting to other countries and working with enthused local representatives to promote and market their products.

2.      Increasing the availability of high-quality, competitively priced products to consumers within a target territory.

What do we offer?

High-quality goods

At BOW, we work in conjunction with manufacturers that offer a wide range of high-quality products belonging one to the following groups:

Building materials and industrial goods

Consumer goods

Click here to view our full index of consumer goods and food products.

A reliable channel of information

At BOW we also provide a clearly communicated and uninterrupted channel of information between the supplier and the buyer.

Due to their source location, BOW sales agents are aware of local market demands, trends, and culture. This provides manufacturers with an inside view of their target territory’s market and their requirements, especially with regards to the export and import logistics.

BOW sales agents also provide buyers with a physical and reliable point of contact through whom they can communicate directly to the manufacturer, and receive the relevent information and samples requested.